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Best Wax and Polish in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles ,Prime Auto offers the best in class wax and polish service. Prime Auto uses the top of the line waxing products to bring your cars finish back to new again. The Hand Wax package includes a detailed hand wash followed by a swirl remover hand wax. Your car is then hand-buffed to a mirror finish. All visible chrome is hand polished followed by conditioning all exterior rubber and trim to a brilliant wet shine to bring that sharp look to stand out from other cars driving in the streets of Los Angeles, California.

Premium Exterior Hand Wax and Polish for a Perfect Shine!

Prime Auto location in Los Angeles always offer great specials for in-shop appointments for professional auto steam detailing and most of our packages includes pro hand wax.

Car Polishing Package deep-cleans the paint. It also removes oxidation, swirl marks, old wax, minor scratches and water spots. The result is a rejuvenated top paint layer, which is then ready for waxing or sealing plus polishing creates a uniform, high-gloss shine.

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prime auto polish and hand wax los angeles, california

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

  • High hydrophobicity,
  • UV radiation resistance,
  • High temperatures resistance,
  • No vulnerability on corrosion or oxidation,
  • Resistance on chemical compounds influence,
  • Deep and rich color,
  • High paint glow,
  • Scratches resistance,
  • Covering does not submit to a wash (ex. in the car wash), it can be removed only by paint polishing.
  • Price Best Price Guarantee
  • Value Affordable and Professional
  • Eco friendly We Use Steam
  • Mobile We Come To You


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Call our friendly staff and ask for our specials and multiple car discount, this is a great option to have multiple car detailed at a discounted rate

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Best Wax and Polish in Los Angeles, California

Wax and polish in Los Angeles, California by Prime Auto

There many different ways to wax a car, with spray wax, paste wax, with machine. Probably the easiest way is using a spray wax and a clean microfiber towel. Only few of us have the time to spend lots of time cleaning our vehicles. But, by using right products , it
takes only fraction of that time. You can turn your dull , unpleasant paintwork to a mirror like finish.

By doing that you can protect your paint against future damages and help keep the value of your vehicle.
Removing dirt and grim: After extensive washing the right shampoo to remove loose dirt and grime , use lots of water to properly
clean the car. Take a high quality microfiber towel and dry the car completely.

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We have affordable prices and we use steam for all of detailing appointments

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Be environment friendly and save clean water.

Ultimate Wax and Polish Package


This wash package includes:

  • Pre-soak with ultra premium shampoo
  • Professional exterior shampoo
  • Microfiber towel dry
  • Premium Hand Wax
  • Premium hand polish 1Hour
  • Rain-X and Sun Treatment
  • Premium Hand polish

*(SUV & Minivan upcharges apply to each included service)

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