We all love clean cars, Using steam is definitely not the traditional way to clean cars, but we are here to tell you that it is way more effective. Some of the advantages of using steam on your car include that it does not damage sensitive engine components, it also uses only one gallon of water per car making your next car wash faster and environmentally friendly. A steam car wash deeply sanitizes and gets into hard to clean places, it also prevents scratches and never leaves watermarks. This new way of cleaning cars is extremely effective and economical and will leave your car shining like never before. We use Optima and Fortador Steam machines.

What is a Steam Car Wash and How Does it Work Different than Old Car Washes?

Steam is the king of cleaning these days, A Steam Car detailing uses steam vapor to clean a car’s exterior and interior. It uses an ample amount of steam jet continuously to replace the use of high pressure washers and harmful chemicals. An electric-powered steamer is filled up with water and heated to create hot water vapor. The vapor is then expelled with air pressure from a handle using a trigger. The heat of the steam creates a natural sanitizing power breaking up grease and dirt leaving your car extremely clean. The temperature is getting so hot at the end of nozzle to perfectly clean any car in any condition.

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How Does a Steam Car Wash Benefit Me?

Using an electric-powered steamer for your car wash is more convenient and effective. There are many benefits when washing your war with steam. Using the steamer requires a certain technique. While the machine is blowing steam on the car, the person who is using the appliance is also simultaneously wiping with a microfiber towel to absorb the water and dirt. This way there are no scratches or watermarks on your vehicle.

The steamer like Optima uses both hot steam and pressure so it’s one of the best tools to sanitize a car. The equipment produces hot enough steam to remove dirt from road trips, grease from spilled food, or even the dust from outside environment. Anything can be cleaned out thoroughly and properly. The use of hot steam makes it to where your car will be damp, but not soaking wet.
When using steam to wash your car, something that is definitely noticeable is the pressure it uses.

This pressure is powerful enough to deep clean but gentle enough on your car’s engine, paint and interior. Compared to other car washing appliances that use water and high pressure to clean the car, using hot steam means that cleaning off dirt will only be needing a few wipes while the steam is being applied.The pressure is also nothing close to a jet stream but like leaf blower, that means you can put your bare hand in front of the machine and it won’t hurt!

Is Getting a Car Wash with Steam Better for the Environment?

Yes! Each car wash only uses about 1 gallon of water. Typical car washes, at home or drive thru, use about 20-30 gallons of water per car wash. Which is incredible to think when compared to only 1 gallon of water per car wash!

PRIME AUTO Carwash has been proudly serving the community for years and they are still going strong. For a while, their signature way to clean cars has been a professional hand wash, but the addition of a steam cleaner is changing the way they clean cars.

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