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A professional service that brings a top to bottom car detail directly to your location. These services have become more and more popular over the years as people look to spend a little bit more money in exchange for time saved.

We offer full-blown car washes, packing a portable pressure washer into a well-equipped van. This option delivers a thorough and traditional wash, getting your car squeaky clean from top to bottom


You should expect to pay more for high quality service. Basic car detailing service should include a wash, wax, interior vacuuming, interior polish, window wash, mirror and trim cleaning and tire cleaning. You can expect to pay $80 to $125 for an average sized vehicle and $125 to $250 for an SUV or van.


This process will usually take between 2-3 hours. But it all depends on the vehicle size and condition as a large amount of time will need to be put in to properly detailing spaces inside the vehicle, which will lead to exceptional results. Plus additional addons such as hand wax and polish adds at least 2 hours to the detailing process.



PRIME AUTO is proud to announce that we are one o few car detailing shops across LOS ANGELES,CALIFORNIA  to be fully equipped with professional car detailing machines such as Optima and Fortador Steamers which makes a lot of differences in car detailing process and make the end result of auto detailing service a professional and shiny car with a five star rating.

Even our mobile car detailing vans are equipped with all of the materials, cleaning products and steam machines which is used for every car detailing appointment by our friendly and professional staff. We show up on time every time and we bring water , electricity and steam to every auto detailing job.


Living in LOS ANGELES,CALIFORNIA with all cars and traffic is hard enough, If you have to use your SUV or Truck in hot and humid California summer , then you know how extreme our temperatures can get! What you might not know, is how damaging these weather variations can be for your car. The dirt buildup is  problematic for your paint job and floors and mats and extreme weather can make your car’s leather interior crack and get worn. It’s not much better during the summer when the sun beats down on your paint job. The  residue from the roads and mud from that fun summer trip both can damage your car interior slowly and it may not be reversible, unless you do a full interior shampoo and steaming regularly.  

Prime Auto Detailing in LOS ANGELES,CALIFORNIA  can help With proper maintenance including interior and exterior detailing, you can minimize the risk to your vehicle and prevent costlier repairs. With  car detailing from Prime Auto Detailing, we have your whole car covered.

PRIME AUTO  believes in professional commitment, great quality of  work, and dedication that leads to 100% client satisfaction and referral from our clients. Prima Auto goal is to provide all our car detailing clients with professional, affordable, high quality detailing services with our mobile auto detailing units ready to come and meet you anywhere in LOS ANGELES,CALIFORNIA anytime of as early as 8am to 10pm at night. Our services covers everything from auto detailing , boat / RV detailing, Limousine detailing to corporate or multiple family detailing.

MOBILE CAR DETAILING in Los Angeles, Glendale , Pasadena , Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Valley at NO EXTRA COST.

We can send you a fully mobile car cleaning/detailing van which is fully equipped with a generator, steam machine, pressure washer and all of cleaning products that we use to clean and shampoo interior and exterior of vehicles in our shop and that guarantees that you get the same quality detailing as our in-shop appointments.

The mobile auto detailing units are self contained with water and electricity on board so there is nothing needed from you. We are on-time and guarantee a perfect job every time over and over.

Call Prime Auto in LOS ANGELES,CALIFORNIA to book your Mobile car detailing service. (647)875-5731

1. What is the cost of detailing my vehicle and what services will I be receiving?
Most auto detailing services might not give you a fixed quote and will ask you to bring the vehicle for inspection. They will give you a price range for the services they offer. For instance, exterior detailing can cost between $50 – $100. They will also offer you detailing packages, which you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. Clarify about the detailing price against the services you’ll be getting before handing over your vehicle to prevent shady auto detailers from playing their tricks on you.

2. Is there a warranty for your service?
A warranty is a sign that the detailer is confident about the services he can deliver. Stay away from an auto detailing service that does not offer any warranty. You don’t want to walk away from the auto shop only to realize next day that all your money has been wasted for something that you thought was worthwhile. The duration of the warranty varies from job to job. For instance, a paint sealant warranty can run up to 5 years while tire and wheel detailing will receive at least a month.

3. These are my special detailing needs. Can you cater to them?
If you have any requests for the detailer, don’t forget to mention them. You might have questions about how they detail leather upholstery or you might want an extra glossy shine on your black car. You may want the detailer to use a water-based tire shine instead of a silicone-based one. Make sure your auto detailing service can and will pay attention to these types of requests.

4. What type of products do you use?
You can use your knowledge of auto detailing products to test an auto detailing service. Question them about the brands they use to get an idea about what you are paying for. Keep in mind that the better the products, the higher the cost will be. You can also learn whether they will be using caustic chemicals on your treasured possession and avert the danger in time by saying NO to their service.

Are you an Eco-friendly auto detailing service? Although this is not a mandatory question, selecting a service that is environmentally-friendly can be beneficial not only to nature, but also to your vehicle. A service like steam cleaning, although more expensive compared to other methods, can work wonders on your vehicle. Effectiveness coupled with eco-friendliness make steam cleaning the ideal auto detailing method.

5. Do you offer any extra services like mobile detailing?
An auto detailing service may offer a variety of specialty services, both as package deals and individually. These services include mobile detailing, air sanitation, tire detailing, engine cleaning, headlight rejuvenation, etc. Many of these services, especially mobile detailing, can come in handy for vehicle owners. It is more efficient and hassle-free if you can get everything done at one place, isn’t it? So choose wisely.

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Automotive Services

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Car Detailing

PRIME Auto car detailing packages are cost effective and affordable to make sure you can choose the best auto cleaning package in the North york Area and addons such as headlight restoration and pet hair removal to your package for a reasonable price. you can choose to come to one of our fully equipped car wash locations in  North York or ask our mobile car detailing team to come to your house for no additional cost. We cover the whole area of Los Angeles, California

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Steam Detailing

Steam car detailing packages for Los Angeles, California location starts with a basic wash and vacuuming of the interior and using OPTIMA or Fortador Steam cleaning machines to clean , sanitize and shine the interior and exterior of your truck ,SUV,Limo or RV. call Prime Auto in Los Angeles, California today and let our professional and friendly staff book you for your next service

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Exterior Hand Wash

Prime Auto exterior hand wash package is the best option to prevent your car from being scratched at automatic car washes in Los Angeles, California and and it is gentle of your exterior paint since we use special exterior foams and cleaning products with microfiber towels and use professional pressure washer and buckets system to wash the exterior of your truck or SUV like new. Call Prime Auto Los Angeles, California Today

Window Tinting

Window tinting and window film in Los Angeles, California area by PRIME auto is one of the cheapest in the city of Los Angeles, California. We only use high quality window tint film and professional tinting products to make sure the job is completed perfectly and with high standard plus since we offer unlimited warranty with most of our tint packages we make sure it stays as new after years of usage ,We offer many brands and choices when it comes to automobile tint.

prime car wash detailing tint ceramic coating toronto , north york

Buffing and Polishing

There is nothing better than buffing and polishing if you want to show off your new car or even bring shine back to an old vehicle. The buffing and polishing service by Prime Auto in Los Angeles, California is one of the most reliable service in the automotive industry with over 8 years experience and thousands of happy clients. Buffing and polishing makes sure that Los Angeles, California‘ sun shows how beautiful your exterior paint is and everyone see that

Headlight Restoration

The biggest difference you can make to your vehicle appearance in  Los Angeles, California is headlight restoration by Prime Auto in Toronto which makes your vehicle headlight brand new again for a small cost and the good news is we come to you anywhere in  , Los Angeles, California  for Headlight restoration service, Call PRIME Auto and book your headlight restoration and cleaning appointment today


Wax and Polish

A great way to show how clean and bright your car’s exterior is by adding a wax and polish to your auto detailing package, right after washing your car is the best time to ask our professional team to add a professional wax and polish to your car to enhance your exterior shine and luxury look and always remember wax and polish makes almost any car look better and more appealing.

ceramic coating by prime auto detailing service-toronto-north york-mississauga-brampton-ceramic coating-wash and wax-buffing

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating in Los Angeles, California is a must for anyone who owns and love a car, whether a sport, classic or a new leased vehicles we know how to make sure that your exterior paint and clear coat is fully protected and there is no scratch on that beautiful custom paint job that you paid extra at the dealership, our prices for ceramic coating in Los Angeles, California are very affordable and competetive and we offer unlimited warranty on most of our ceramic coating packages, click here for the ceramic coating packages and cost in Los Angeles, California

ceramic coating and tinting prime auto detailing




    Auto detailing  is an activity of systematically performing operations and procedures that keep the vehicle in its best possible condition, especially cosmetic, as opposed to mechanical. This is achieved by removing both visible and invisible contaminants from the vehicle’s interior, and polishing the exterior to its original blemish free finish

    Professional detailing services and sale of products to both professionals and enthusiasts represent a large commercial presence in places where automobiles are a primary mode of transport. In the United States alone, the professional and home detailing industry was over $9 billion in revenue.

    Detailing is more than a cleaning process to make a vehicle look good, but a systematic approach to help extend its life with methods and products that reduce damaging environmental elements such as dirt, sun, harsh winters, etc. Appropriate maintenance or restoration of vehicles to keep them looking outside and inside as if they came from an auto dealer’s showroom increase their resale value. Auto detailing requires knowledge of proper techniques and use of tools and products.

    Detailing is generally broken down into two categories: exterior and interior (or cabin). There are products and services that focus on these two areas specifically.

    Exterior detailing involves cleaning, and either restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of the car’s finish (usually a paint with a glossy finish), chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, as well as other visible components on a vehicle’s exterior. A wide array of detailing products and techniques are used, based on the vehicle’s surface type and condition, or the detailers or customers preference. Products include, but are not limited to: detergents, surfactants, acid free degreasers (to break down dirt and soil), detail clay (to remove invisible microembedded surface contaminates), waxes, silicone and non silicone based dressings for plastic trim and tires. Buffing compounds and polishes to resurface and improve reflectivity of the paint finish, as well as a variety of applicators, brushes, and drying towels.

    Interior detailing involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin. Vehicle interiors of the last 50 years comprise a variety of materials, such as synthetic carpet upholstery, vinyl, leather, various natural fibers, carbon fiber composites, plastics, and others, which necessitates the use of a variety of cleaning techniques and products. Vacuuming is standard, and upholstery stains may be removed using steam cleaning, liquid and foam chemicals, as well as brushes. Fungus or mold (commonly found in leather seats and dashboard during rainy season) can be cleaned using white vinegar. Additionally, some nonporous surfaces may be polished.

    What is a car wash and why is it different than detailing?

    A car wash (also written as “carwash”) or auto wash is a facility used to clean the exterior and, in some cases, the interior of motor vehicles. Car washes can be self-serve, fully automated, or full-service with attendants who wash the vehicle. It may also be an event where people pay to have their cars washed by volunteers as a method to raise money for some purpose.

    With the modern convenience of automatic car washes, it may be difficult to remember that the industry was not always so high-tech. Though, other commercial car washes came before it, the first semi-automatic car wash in the United States made its debut in 1946, and from there, the industry has grown in both size and sophistication.

    The start of the history of car washing dated back into 1914. People used manpower to push or move the cars through stages of the process. Eventually, manual car wash operations peaked at 32 drive-through facilities in the United States. Prior to this time, the evolution of car washing was just at the beginning, and that the automatic car washing was born. The first semi-automatic car wash was active for the first time in Detroit, Michigan using automatic pulley systems and manual brushing.

    Many things had occurred within 1955 regarding car washing history. A businessman named Dan Hanna was encouraged by the car washers in Detroit, operated his own materials, then eventually made his own car wash called the Rub-a-Dub in Oregon. In 1957, he formed the Hanna Enterprises and eventually reached about 31 car washes in America. In 1959, Hanna operated his wash rack until he made the first mechanized car washing system. As the news spread throughout the city, so did his business.

    By the mid 1960s Hanna Enterprises had established itself as the main source innovator and the manufacturer of car washing equipments and materials. Over time, Hanna had made several machines that will be the first to do the main requirements over car washing, this includes the Wrap-Around Brush, Roller-on-demand Conveyor belt, soft cloth friction washing, several ways to wash the tires, and a recirculating water system. With that said, Hanna Enterprises have become the largest vehicle washing equipment manufacturer.

    In the 1970s it was a difficult time for the car washing industry, as the result of the gasoline prices increasing rapidly. Still, Hanna Enterprises made another two inventions during this time: the automatic wheel cleaner, and the polish’n’wax.

    While there are many types of car washes, most fall into the following categories:

    Car wash lift, where cars are placed on a lift platform which can be used to wash under car.
    Hand car wash facilities, where the vehicle is washed by employees.
    Self-service facilities, which are generally coin-operated, where the customer does the washing, including pressurized “jet washing”.
    In-bay automatics consist of an automatic washing machine and dryer that rolls back and forth over a stationary vehicle – often seen at filling stations and stand-alone wash sites.
    Tunnel washes, which use a conveyor to move the vehicle through a series of fixed cleaning mechanisms.
    Chemical car wash, also known as waterless car wash, uses chemicals to wash and polish car surface. Claims to be an eco-friendly car wash method. Recommended only for cars with light dirt accumulation to avoid paint damage.
    Steam car washes use a jet of steam and micro fiber towels, some include detergent injection. Known to have originated , steam car washes have been especially popular as a low-investment, eco-friendly car wash solution in Asia, Middle East, and Europe thanks to its sanitizing features and mobility.[citation needed]
    Mobile car washes, often also serving as mobile detailing systems, which carry plastic water tanks and use pressure washers. Sometimes these systems are mounted on trailers, on trucks, or in vans. Generally these operators also have a generator to run a shop vac., buffers, and other tools as well.




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