PRIME AUTO CAR DETAILING LOS ANGELES is your number one choice for all of your automotive service needs from car detailing in LOS ANGELES to Mobile Car Detailing anywhere in the Southern Los Angeles, California. With over 8 years experience in auto detailing business in Los Angeles, California and Orange County, we have professional car detailing team to cover all your car wash needs whether in-shop or mobile car detailing in your home or office. We have professionally trained car detailing team with the best of equipment and products to hand detail and shampoo your automobile and bring it to it’s best days.


Prime auto detailing packages are starting from only 80$ to make cleaning and detailing your vehicle perfectly affordable and enjoyable, everyone knows the cost of car detailing makes a lot of difference when it comes to meeting your monthly budget but we make sure the quality of our car detailing packages are exceeding your budget and add some free specials to make it the best deals in Los Angeles, California.

With a variety of Auto detailing services in Los Angeles such as auto detailing , automobile window tintingceramic coating, wax and polish, buffing, scratch removal, headlight restoration, steam detailing, interior shampoo and carpet shampoo We Do It All and we are your best choice for local automotive service in Los Angeles, California.

As a detailing business owner in Los Angeles County, one of the biggest challenges you face is determining your prices. The first step to determining your prices is to get in-depth knowledge of what your competition is doing. This is why we’ve put together research on detailing prices in LA County, California.

Los Angeles alone has over 2,000 detailing businesses in its area, which makes it the city with the most detailing businesses in the country. It makes up more than 50% of the detailing businesses in California and almost 7% of detailing businesses around the country.

Competition is tough if you’re a detailer in Los Angeles County, and setting the right car detailing prices is crucial to increasing revenue and ensuring your success. You need to know what your competition across the street and across town is charging. It also doesn’t hurt to know what detailers in San Diego or even detailers in San Francisco charge for their services. Once you compare your prices to your competition in your area, you might find they are lower than average. This would give you a great reason to raise prices! (For help on how to raise your detailing prices, check out the Mobile Tech RX detailing app that helps you create perfect estimates.)

In this practical guide, we’ve done the competitive research for you. To do this, we scraped data from Yelp to find the low, average, and high car detailing prices in the LA County area. We then compared the price of car detailing services, so that you can see how your pricing stacks up.

Average Detailing Prices in LA County, California
The average price of detailing services in LA County is $163.12. LA County’s average detailing cost is slightly higher than the national average of $160.12 by about 2%. Compared to the California average of $176.30, we see that average detailing prices in LA County are about 8% lower than the rest of the state

Most Expensive and Least Expensive Cities
The most expensive cities on average are Signal Hill, Burbank, and Whittier. The average cost of detailing in these four cities is $341.67.

The least expensive cities on average are Baldwin Park, Downey, and Palmdale. The average cost of detailing in these three cities is $56.

Range of Detailing Pricing Across LA County
If we wanted the cheapest detail in the city with the lowest price, we would go to Palmdale, CA. The cheapest cost of a detail in Palmdale is $25. If we wanted to find the most expensive detail in the city with the highest price, we would go to El Monte, CA. The most expensive detail in El Monte is $1600. If we compare these two cities, we see the range across the lowest price and the highest price in LA County is $1575.

Now, let’s compare the average price in the cheapest city and the most expensive city. Baldwin Park, CA, has the lowest average price at $35 while Signal Hill has the highest average price in the county at $490. The range across the average prices in Orange County is $455.


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