Car detailing and Car wash in Los Angeles ,California is our focus and profession and has been for years but before we start discussing the car detailing and car wash in Los Angeles , California, lets talk about Los Angeles and History of this beautiful city. The City of Los Angeles, or L.A., is noted as the number two city in the nation in terms of population with nearly four million residents.

The city encompasses 469 square miles and includes some of the most recognizable neighborhoods and districts in California including San Pedro, Venice, Hollywood, Century City, Bel-Air, and Brentwood. There is no one way to define L.A. in certain terms. This self-described global metropolis boasts world-renowned entertainment at venues such as the Staples Center and the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the ultimate in fine dining options, museums, and professional sporting venues such as the Rose Bowl Stadium and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a trip to the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, China Town, or maybe a day at Universal Studios.

Take a tour of the Warner Bros. Studio or a hike through Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills where celebrity sightings are always possible. There is no limit to what you can do or see in Los Angeles. The “Entertainment Capital of the World” awaits. 

The City of Los Angeles is located within Los Angeles County. This multi-cultural county has a population of over ten million people, 88 cities, and an area of more than 4700 square miles containing 100 miles of trails for biking and hiking and 75 sunny miles of coastline with over 62 surfing spots off its beaches.

What is Prime Auto Detailing in Los Angeles ,California and what services are offered?  

Prime Automotive Detailing and Car Wash: No more battling traffic or waiting in line during your free time as we come to you. Regardless of your busy schedule, the flexibility of our convenient mobile detailing service provides the professional care and attention your vehicle needs at a price you can afford. Our skilled technicians are fully equipped to provide traditional car washing services, professional detailing, leather upholstery conditioning, carpet shampooing, deodorizing services, hand waxing, and full clay bar treatments to restore your vehicle’s paint by eradicating damaging contaminants. While our fully-equipped mobile vans contain their own water source, water-conscious consumers can opt for our specialized mobile waterless car washing and detailing options at no additional charge.We offer mobile interior & exterior auto detailing, paint correction, and mobile car wash services in Alhambra, Pasadena, Hacienda Heights, and surrounding communities.
We can help you dress your car for a special occasion or just treat it to some well-deserved care.
When you need us, we can help! We are available seven days a week, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.



    We hand wash and decontaminate your car’s exterior, then apply a generous layer of wax. We take extraordinary care not to put swirls in your paint, and carefully wash everywhere, including the crevices in your car’s body and behind the spokes of your wheels.


    We clean every surface inside of your car so that it feels, looks, and smells new. This includes deep cleaning your door panels and center console, shampooing your cloth seats, removing pet hair, and scrubbing the steering wheel, gear selector, and other control surfaces.


    We restore your car’s luster by polishing and buffing out swirls, scuffs, scratches, oxidation, and other imperfections from its clear coat. We do so using gentle and proven products, tools, and techniques, and patient, experienced, clean-cut paint correction specialists.


    We hand wash your car’s exterior, and wipe down and vacuum its interior using top-of-the line tools and techniques.


    We carefully and permanently restore your car’s headlights taking extraordinary care not to damage the paint.

We know that approaching your gleaming car and entering its alpine-fresh cabin is a tangible reminder of your work’s rewards and promising possibilities. We take pride in elevating your day by exalting the mundane. After our auto detailing and paint correction services, a simple car ride becomes a joy, a drive around town an occasion.

PRIME AUTOMOTIVE was founded in 2000 with the goal of providing the highest quality mobile auto detailing and paint correction services in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hacienda Heights, and surrounding areas.

We believe caring for the appearance of one’s car is similar to caring for the appearance of oneself; both signal we’re active, engaged people, eager to contribute to the world. And, just like most of us are rightfully choosy when selecting someone whom will cut our hair, we believe we should be similarly choosy when selecting whom will tend our cars.

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